Production's steps

Production's steps

  • 1 Mashing

    Malted barley is milled to produce a coarse meal (“mash”), and is then mixed with extremely pure hot water. The starch still present in the malt is converted into the sugar called “maltose”, and the wort solution obtained is agitated and progressively brought to several different temperatures ideal for the breakdown of starch and protein, enhancing solubility. The liquid part is next allowed to separate from solids by sedimentation, and is then filtered several times.

  • 2 Boiling

    This is the fundamental step in the production of Viola beers, and it is precisely in this stage that the master brewer gives the wort its specific characteristics as a beer, manually regulating temperature and adding premium hops to give the finished product the desired flavor and delicately bitter taste. The wort is then left to cool before being transferred into the fermentation tanks.

  • 3 Fermentation

    During fermentation, the leading role is played by natural beer yeasts, as they transform the sugars and amino acids present in the wort into alcohol, carbon dioxide and aromatic compounds, and it is here that the secret of the fragrant aromas of Viola is hidden.

  • 4 Conditioning

    The patient wait for exactly the right number of weeks in conditioning vats gives the brewed product a rounded and harmonious flavor, typical of a mature and elegant beer like only Viola can be. This is where our beers become saturated with carbon dioxide, and yeasts are slowly deposited.

  • 5 Filtration

    To ensure that VIOLA is pure and sparklingly clear like the water used to make it, we filter the conditioned product as the final step before bottling it in its fine packaging, waiting to be enjoyed.