Viola Handcrafted Beer

I started the BIRRA ARDUINI Craft Brewery because I wanted to express myself, creating a product that could tell a little of my story.
Offering my own beer is something very rewarding and exciting, and even more so for someone like me who has always sold and recommended beers, together with my family.
So this is why the BIRRA ARDUINI Craft Brewery makes VIOLA beers, which I dedicate to my grandfather Mario.

When I was still very young, Mario would take me out for rides in his car, and since he was a firm fan of motoring, he'd keep repeating to me, speaking only in Romagna dialect, "sent cum la và sta machinena, la và com’è nà viola!", which translated might be more or less: "Listen how well this car goes, she’s running like a violet!" (the car was a Fiat 127, and violet in color.. but this was maybe just a coincidence).
So for me the magical word "Viola" has always stood for excellence:
if something’s going well.. IT'S GOING LIKE A VIOLET!

But perhaps what my grandfather meant to say was that the motor sounded like a "viola", like the instrument, and the same word in Italian as for "violet".
Anyway, whatever he meant, for me VIOLA represents something that's GOOD: it's good to make it, and it's good to drink it.

And to make it, I’ve been fortunate enough to have consultancy from expert master brewers of international renown, and thanks to their flair and skill in dosing the best ingredients available, we’ve created four beer types, a blanche, a pale lager, a top-fermented red ale and a bright amber-yellow ale, to be savored and enjoyed on any occasion and with any kind of food your imagination suggests, because sometimes inventing unusual combinations can reserve pleasurable surprises.

Maurizio Arduini